LED Under-Counter White Fridge | Freestanding Refrigerator | Solid Door with Chiller Box

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Basic information

Installation type Freestanding
Capacity 330 Millilitres
Color White
Special feature Reversible door
Finish type Glossy


LED Under-Counter White Fridge | Freestanding Refrigerator | Solid Door with Chiller Box

Sleek Design:

  • The refrigerator boasts a contemporary and minimalist design, featuring a clean white exterior that seamlessly blends with any kitchen decor.
  • Compact under-counter dimensions make it an ideal fit for smaller kitchens, apartments, or spaces where optimizing storage is essential.

Energy-Efficient LED Lighting:

  • Illuminate your food items and enhance visibility with the integrated LED lighting of the standing refrigerator. Not only does it provide clear illumination, but it also consumes less energy, contributing to a more eco-friendly kitchen.

Freestanding Versatility:

  • Enjoy the flexibility of placing the fridge wherever it suits your needs. The freestanding design allows you to integrate it seamlessly into your kitchen layout without the need for custom installation.
  • Under-Counter Design:
    • Space-saving and ideal for kitchens with limited space.
    • Effortlessly integrates into existing cabinetry for a sleek and cohesive look.
  • LED Lighting:
    • Energy-efficient LED lights illuminate the interior, providing clear visibility.
    • Enhances the aesthetic appeal and modernizes the kitchen environment.
  • Freestanding Convenience:
    • Versatile placement options allow for easy installation anywhere in your kitchen.
    • No need for built-in installation, offering flexibility in design and layout.
  • Solid Door Construction:
    • A robust and durable solid door design ensures longevity.
    • Provides enhanced insulation for optimal temperature maintenance.
  • Chiller Box Functionality:
    • Dedicated chiller box for quick access to chilled items.
    • Perfect for storing beverages, dairy products, or other items that require lower temperatures.
  • Adjustable Shelves:
    • Customizable interior with adjustable shelves for flexible storage options of refrigerator stand-alone.
    • Accommodates items of various sizes, from tall bottles to smaller condiments.
  • Temperature Control:
    • User-friendly temperature controls for easy adjustment.
    • Maintain the perfect temperature for different types of food and beverages.
  • Energy Efficiency:
    • Environmentally conscious design with energy-efficient features.
    • Helps reduce electricity consumption while preserving the freshness of your food.
  • Quiet Operation:
    • Low-noise technology ensures a quiet and peaceful kitchen environment.
    • Perfect for open-concept living spaces and those who prioritize a noise-free atmosphere.
LED Under-Counter White Fridge | Freestanding Refrigerator

LED Under-Counter White Fridge | Freestanding Refrigerator

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3 reviews for LED Under-Counter White Fridge | Freestanding Refrigerator | Solid Door with Chiller Box

  1. Oliver Hartley

    Great fridge! LED under-counter, freestanding design, solid door with chiller box – perfect for my kitchen.

  2. Matilda Sinclair

    Thrilled with it! LED under-counter fridge with a solid door and chiller box – exactly what I needed.

  3. Isabella Blake

    Highly satisfied! LED under-counter, freestanding with solid door and chiller box – couldn’t ask for more.

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